Main Activity

About Us

We sell metal wholesale and retail. We love and know how to do it professionally and efficiently, some facts about us.

"10 years on the market"

The history of the company begins in 2012. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a reliable and stable partner. We are constantly developing, introducing new technologies in the sale of rolled metal.

"1st window principle"

We complete orders of virtually any assembly and complexity.

"STALTORG is not only sales"

It is comfortable to work with us. Together with the sale of metal, we offer services: cutting, unwinding, drilling. STALTORG has modern equipment and trained specialists.

"250 employees"

The STALTORG team consists of more than 250 people, professionals in their field. Many employees have been working since the founding of the company.

"Large metal trader"

LLC "STALTORG" is one of the largest independent suppliers of the Central Federal District. We supply metal throughout Russia and the CIS countries.

"Our range"

STALTORG offers more than 15,000 items of rolled metal for delivery. About 45,000 tons are stored in our warehouses at a time.

"Our Suppliers"

These are more than 50 manufacturers providing us with a wide range of metal products, such as: NLMK, MMK, TMK, ChTZ, ChTPZ, PNTZ, Severstal, Mechel, Evraz, Arcelor Mittal and many others.

Our Pride

We have been chosen as a supplier by more than 5,000 buyers. We provide metal for: industrial, construction, food and chemical enterprises.

"New Technologies"

STALTORG always strives to keep up with the times. We are constantly introducing the latest technologies in the sale of rolled metal products. We are actively developing online platforms: an online store and a "Personal Account".

Our Experience

Many significant objects were completed with the active participation of STALTORG. Among them are Krymsky Bridge - 45,000 tons, Central Ring Road - 1,500 tons, PJSC Tulachermet-Steel - 800 tons, PJSC NLMK - 8,000 tons, Power Units of Novovoronezh NPP - 1,800 tons, "Kursk NPP-2 - 2,300 tons".

"Shipments for export"

Our company is also engaged in the supply of metal products for export, cooperating with organizations from various countries of the Eurasian Economic Union - Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.

"Our Affiliates"

Currently, the organization has three branches located in Moscow, Lipetsk and Tambov.

Our competitive advantages:

1. Providing deferred payment

2. Delivery under state defense orders

3. Shipping on special accounts

4. Covered product storage

5. Prompt feedback on claims

6. Sales of rolled metal in multiples of 1 meter

7. Flexible pricing

8. Participation in electronic platforms